Can I Wear Shorts In Dubai Airport?

Can I Wear Shorts In Dubai Airport

Dubai is a well-known Islamic country that heeds the sharia statute, just like other United Arab Emirates (UAE) countries. With this law, the leniency of some clothes is quite varied from other countries. So, both citizens and travelers are compelled to heed the dressing policy, particularly in places that have a greater percentage of Emirates … Read more

Can I Wear Jeans To An MRI?

Can I Wear Jeans To An MRI

An MRI is a “Magnetic resonance imaging scan”. While going for this scan, it is very important to note that you need to put on comfortable clothes as you’re going to need to stay still for a particular period of time during the image scan. Most hospitals advice’s individuals to remove their clothes and change … Read more

Do You Wear Undies With Skins?

Do You Wear Undies With Skins

Before now I’ve always thought that the makers and marketers of skins compression were always exaggerating about this product and all the benefits they claim it possesses. Like, how can one particular layer of clothing have so many components? I doubted it to be true, but perhaps telling lies were their own strategy to recording … Read more

Can I Wear Underwear To The Beach?

Can I Wear Underwear To The Beach?

The answer to this question depends on how you wear the underwear and the fabric used to make the underwear. It’s not advisable to wear underwear under swimwear especially for men – be it a swim trunk or board shorts. If you simply want to wear only underwear for swimming, then ensure the said underwear … Read more